About Julio César Abad Vidal & Contact

Julio César Abad Vidal, Ph. D. (Madrid, Spain, 1975) is Doctor in Philosophy (Aesthetics and Theory of the Arts Area) by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), 2008. He received the Extraordinary Award of Doctorate Studies for his dissertation on Apropriationism. In addition, he is Bachelor in History of Art and Bachelor of East Asian Studies, also by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

A cultural critic, is author of more than one hundred of publications. Among them, three monographies: Ciria. Pintura sin héroe (Madrid, Tf editores, 2003. 318 pages. ISBN 84-96209-05-9), Ramón Losa. (Jaén, Ediciones del Lunar, 2014. 112 pages. ISBN 84-95331-57-1), and Olmedo Alvarado (Cuenca, Ecuador, Universidad de Cuenca, 2019. 128 pages. ISBN: 978-9978-14-422-0). He has also edited two academic volumes on Ecuadorian contemporary artists: Mapas del arte contemporáneo en Ecuador. Cuenca (Ecuador), Universidad de Cuenca, 2014. 156 pages. ISBN: 978-9942-14-289-9, and Pensar el arte. Actas del Coloquio sobre arte contemporáneo en Ecuador. Cuenca (Ecuador), Universidad de Cuenca, 2014. 190 pages. ISBN: 978-9942-20-241-3.

He has curated exhibitions in Spain (among them, two within the Official Selection of PHotoEspaña, in 2014 and 2015), Europe and Latin America (working for, among other institutions, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain, or the Ministry of Culture of Ecuador).

A complete list of his experience as a lecturer at different universities (both in Spain and in Ecuador), and as curator as well as his detailed bibliography is provided under request.

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